Shop Fabricated Carbon Steel Tanks

Carbon Steel Tanks

We provide a variety of carbon steel tanks and vessels for usage in a variety of industries. These tanks are made in either single or twin skin designs. They are designed as cylindrical tanks in vertical or horizontal designs, or they can be made in a rectangular design. Depending on your requirements, we can build these tanks for underground or overground use. MC Integ designs and manufactures carbon steel tanks and vessels for a variety of industries. Our carbon steel storage tanks are tailor-made and manufactured to standards BSEN14015, BSEN12285, and BS799.


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Carbon Steel Storage Tanks


Carbon steel is one of the most common types of steel available due to its affordability, wear resistance and strength. It contains over 2% carbon, making it tougher than many other forms of steel out there. In addition, carbon steel can be lined or painted to help improve its chemical and water resistance.

We create shop fabricated tanks in a total height, width, and diameter of 4.5 metres, as well as 14 metres in height and length. Larger tanks can be manufactured with specific transportation arrangements and in accordance with UK road rules.

Our tanks are designed and built in accordance with the regulations BSEN14015:2004, BSEN 12285 Parts 1 & 2, and BS799 Part 5 Types J & K.

Design & Drawing Service


We not only construct carbon steel vessels and tanks, but we also provide a unique design and drawing service that includes comprehensive design calculations, Solid Works 3D models, and AutoCAD fabrication drawings. This service is applicable to all new tanks as well as existing storage tanks that need certification.

MC Integ

Here at MC Integ, we offer a wide range of liquid storage products for use in a variety of industries. We have been in the industry for 40 years and our products have been used by companies in the oil, chemical, medical, food production and water treatment industries. We can provide you with shop fabricated tanks built to purpose in our workshops by our skilled engineers, or you can contact us to arrange to have your tank custom made.


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