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Case Studies

Case Studies

INTEG 'Twinskin' tanks for Dublin

Integ Twinskins for Dublin

Installation of three 'Twinskin' tanks for a chemical company in Dublin.

A 300m3 tank (7.5M i/d x 8.5M shell) was constructed on site with double integrity base and shell for additional environmental protection.

The tanks next to the site constructed large tank were two 75m3 tanks (3M i/d x 14.7M overall) and were fabricated in England and shipped to site in one piece for offloading & positioning. These tanks were of similar 'Twinskin' construction but also had the unique feature of a 45 degree sloping inner bottoms for total drainage.

INTEG Solve a Problem for Texaco

INTEG Solve a Problem for Texaco

PROBLEM - The Texaco aviation fuel depot at East Midlands Airport required additional storage capacity in the form of 400m3 site erected tank 8M x 6M high. As an operational fuel storage facility 'hot work' could not be permitted within the tank compound.


INTEG fabricated and test the tank on a temporary pad outside the perimeter fence and the lifted the completed tank over the fence into the compound (pictured). The tank was retested, internally lined and externally painted in it's final location.

INTEG design and supply Solvent tanks

INTEG in Solvents

New Solvent Tank Farm

Project: New Solvent Tank Farm

Location: Manchester

INTEG Scope:

Design, Supply and Install:-

18 - 45M3 Vertical tanks 2.473m Dia X 8m Length complete with access steelwork and walkways.

INTEG design tanks for Far East Airport

INTEG In Bangkok

Bangkok 2nd International Airport

Client: CH Karnchang Public Company

Managing Engineers: Penspen

Site Location: Bangkok 2nd International Airport

Project Title: SBIA Aviation Fuel Depot

INTEG Scope:-

Design and Technical support:-

4 - Fuel tanks 33m Dia X 19.5m High - 16678m3 Capacity

1 - Firewater Tank 20m Dia X 19m High - 5969m3 Capacity, complete with access steelwork & walkways.

Design Code:- API 650

INTEG supply and install new tanks for glass manufacturing plant.

INTEG Help To Make Glass

New Glass Plant, UK

INTEG Scope:

Design, Supply and Install 20 off cone bottom silo's :-

2 - 7.5m Dia x 18.35m Shell - Site erected

2 - 6.3m Dia x 19.20m Shell - Site erected

2 - 7.0m Dia x 23.35m Shell - Site erected

2 - 4.2m Dia x 19.85m Shell - Shop/Site erected

2 - 4.0m Dia x 25.50m Shell - Shop/Site erected

1 - 3.0m Dia x 21.32m Shell - Shop/Site erected

1 - 3.0m Dia x 18.80m Shell - Shop/Site erected

2 - 2.0m Dia x 21.64m Shell - Shop/Site erected

6 - Small shop fabricated silo's

INTEG Supply New Fuel Tanks

INTEG Install New Fuel Tanks

Project: Bulk Aviation Fuel Storage


INTEG Scope:

Design, Supply, Test, Internal Lining & External Paint:-
3 - Fuel tanks 12.5m Dia X 6m High
600m3 Capacity each tank
Supplied with access steelwork & walkways

BP Oil UK Ltd

BP Oil UK Ltd

INTEG Scope:-

Design, supply & install 56 off Carbon & Stainless Steel Tanks > 100m3 Capacity complete with pipework, valves, fittings & filters and access steelwork complete with walkways.

Managing Engineers: Amec

Site Location: BP Oil Refinery Coryton Essex

Project Title: New fuels technology.

The Tanks That Came Back

The Tanks That Came Back

During 1996 INTEG supplied a number of stainless steel tanks to our Client's tank farm. In 2005 the tank farm was de-commissioned and the tanks were put up for sale.

  • Following suitability and economic viability consultation with INTEG, Our new Client purchased two of the tanks for a new project at Newcastle.
  • INTEG carried out design calculations to re-classify the tanks for a higher S.G. product, various nozzle changes and designed a special side entry mixer nozzle taking loadings into account. A new set of CAD drawings were prepared to detail these changes.
  • The tanks were returned to our works and the modifications were carried out in 2 weeks. Following hydraulic testing and certification, delivery was arranged so that they could start their new life in Newcastle.
  • The end result was that the client saved both money and lead-time compared to purchasing new tanks.

Carbon Steel Lined Pressure Vessel

New Astra Zeneca Approved Vessel Supplier

Integ Scope:-

Design, fabricate and install One off 45m3 lined pressure vessel.

Design Code: PD.5500 Catergory 2.
Design Pressure: 3.5 BAR.G / FULL VAC
Design Temp: 100 DEG.C

Internal Finish:

All welds ground smooth, surfaces shot blast to Sa2.5, vinyl ester laminate then furane laminate in accordance with our Astra Zeneca approved procedure.

External Finish:

Shotblast Sa2.5 & 3 coat Corro-Tech system.

INTEG in the Channel Islands.

INTEG Help To Light Up Guernsey

Bulk Gas Oil Storage

Location: Guernsey Power Stations B and D - Vale

INTEG Scope:-

Design and Supply:-

6 - fuel tanks 4.115m dia X 14.137m high - 188m3 capacity each access steelwork and walkways


304L Stainless Steel- 76,000 Litre VAT's

Three off 76,000 Litre 304L Stainless Steel Vat's.

Location:- Scotland

INTEG Scope:- Design and Supply:- 3 off Gin Vat's in 304L Stainless Steel all internal welds dressed smooth and passivated designed generally to PD5500 Cat 2, with flat sloping supported base, roof handrailing 304L Stainless Steel throughout.









 Two off 135,000 Litre Thermal Store Vessels                                                        

Two off 135,000 litre PD5500 Cat 2/PED S.E.P Thermal Store Vessels with purple painted cladding for a new energy centre in the North East.

Designed,fabricated and installed by Integ,complete with high level access platform and stairs,vessels accessed from the roof level of the Energy Centre.

Integ have supplied around 10 of these large Thermal Store vessels to various energy centre projects across the United Kingdom and many more smaller capacity Thermal Stores.






INTEG Help Airbus Fly

INTEG Help Airbus Fly

Working with the Airbus fuel systems engineers at Filton Bristol, Integ have over the last few years supplied specialised tanks, test chambers and rigs to assist the development of fuel systems for the A380 and other aircraft.

For altitude simulation, the mainly rectangular tanks require special design for full vacuum and sub zero temperatures of - 57 degrees centigrade. Integ have designed these tanks using in house stress analysis software verified by 3rd Party test and certification.

Some examples are shown above including a full A380 worth of fuel tanks assembled at Kemble Airfield for surge testing on refuelling. Integ also designed and supplied the bulk fuel tanks for this rig.

Do You Know the Condition of Your Tanks?

Do You Know the Condition of Your Tanks?

You may say "fine" but this is not necessarily good enough to satisfy your statutory obligations and insurance companies. Do you have in place a documented survey/inspection plan on an ongoing basis with condition reports on all tanks.

Integ can provide:-

Condition survey:- - A full condition report with ultra-sonic material thickness checks and any remedial recommendations.

  • Compliance survey:- - Will the installation comply with Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations.
  • Purchase survey:- - If you are considering the purchase of a second-hand tank we can survey to assess condition and suitability for intended use.
  • Change of use survey:- - Survey & calculation check to reclassify the tank for use with higher S.G. products or at elevated temperatures.